The perfect bags to hold your LVAD (left ventricular assist device) related equipment that is great looking, affordable, and comfortable.

Choose from many custom designed bags or contact us for your personalized design.

About Us

In 2016 I received my LVAD at Banner – University Medical Center Tucson AZ. Since then I have been searching for the perfect bag to hold my LVAD controller, batteries and backup equipment that is affordable and comfortable. Finally I discovered this backpack. It has great padded straps, the exterior is water resistant, I am able to create unlimited designs on these bags. What has been the most fun is that I can make use of my artist and creative design background.


Nancy White

About the Bags

These bags are visually designed to let you and others know that you are carrying medical equipment and/or supplies for your LVAD. The interiors are standard. The backpacks have a great padded divider to separate your equipment (I put my active controller and batteries here) and the divider gives you extra padding from the equipment.

The Collection

Custom Designed Bags
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What We Offer


This medium size backpack is just what you need for daily use with your LVAD!

Draw String Bags

Light and easy and can be worn as a backpack or carried by the string straps.

Tote Bags

This tote bag is great to use as a ‘go bag’ or backup bag.


Our Latest Designs

These bags a graphically designed with LVAD information. The interior is a standard backpack with a padded divider for a laptop or LVAD device and batteries. A large main area can be used for all your backup equipment or other items need to carry.